Asia's Skincare Secrets

Organic Halal skincare range inspired by traditional Asian beauty secrets.

Over 25 year formulations combining beauty secrets from across Asia.


The answer was among us all the while.
We turned to our roots and nature for solutions.

Reintroducing age-old botanical secrets through bio-enhancements and research to create natural, safe, practical and EFFECTIVE formulations.

Redefining CARE in SKINCARE.

Organic Approach

Botanical-based nutritions boosts restorative functions.

Supports skin's natural bio-functions.

Scientifically-proven methods and ingredients.

Honour orgaic integrity in formulations and process.

Our Strive

Bring forth Asia's botanical-rich healing secrets.

Innovat traditional remedies to address modern day concerns.

Revolutionary bio-enhanced products.


Our skin absorbs 60% - 80% products applied onto skin!

Accumulated harmful chemicals absorbed into the body, environmental stress and malnutrition contributes to cell degradation, bio-function malfunctions... and illnesses.

...go ORGANIC!

Quality & Care

Organic plant source ingredients | Cold press process

No alcohol | Non comedogenic | Non acnegenic
No fragrance | Noartificial colouring | No silicones
No petro-chemicals | No mineral oils
No fillers added | No harmful chemicals

Free from Parabens, sulphates,
Glycols, Hydroquinoine & Mercury.

Only organic-friendly preservatives used.

Passion, Integrity & Care

Honouring Traditional Ingredients

Reformulating traditional beauty secrets into the future.